Airdrops are targeted distributions of cryptocurrency tokens to users that aid in meeting pre-defined goals.

Generate Lead Database
Through airdrops, ICOs can generate valuable leads. In exchange for your free tokens, we direct users to a landing page to complete online forms which provide valuable information about them including contact and demographic information that would be key to conducting marketing and analytics.

Reward for Loyal Customers
By giving positive reinforcement to participants in your ecosystem, you build a community that is likely to help spread the word about your project. Friends tell friends, and those friends tell more friends. On top of traditional airdrops, we can create referral system airdrops, where participants are rewarded for spreading the word.

Create Awareness and Exposure
The cryptocurrency community thrives on word of mouth. Through targeted campaigns, you increase awareness to network builders. Metcalfe’s law states that a network is as strong as its total number of users squared. This is why building a large community with good reputation is key in the cryptocurrency community.